Details about BMW's New Supercar Revealed

It was said that the production of the i8 Coupe and i8 Roadster, one of the popular models of BMW in the past months, will cease. The first i8 model was the Coupe, which Roadster followed a few years later. After April, the i8 was decided not to be produced, but the German car manufacturer's plans include a new supercar. Let's take a closer look at the details of this supercar.

German-based automaker BMW is preparing to come with a much stronger vehicle than the i8. First, an official name has not been decided yet. The i8 M name is on the agenda, but it is unclear whether BMW will continue with it.

If we talk about the design of the car; The retro design of last year's Vision M Next concept is directly inspired by the iconic M1. This is an early preview of the design we can expect to see. As the new favorite of BMW, we can say that the weight of the vehicle will be reduced as it goes from concept to production as usual, but the overall shape and design details will remain the same.

Details about BMW's new supercar:

As with the i8, the new supercar will continue on its way with a charged hybrid powertrain instead of being completely electric . In addition, the vehicle is expected to have an electric front axle paired with a turbocharged gasoline engine. The BMW i8 Coupé has 374 horsepower, while the new i8 will come with 600 horsepower.

The lightness of the electric vehicle is also important. Although BMW sells its carbon fiber production facility in Washington , the new supercar will continue to contain plenty of light material. In fact, the i8's carbon fiber structure will undergo a major overhaul rather than a new design. Other light metals such as aluminum will also be included in the structure.

After all these features, it is a matter of wonder what the price of the super car will be. According to the estimates, the vehicle will have a price tag of about 160 thousand dollars. In other words, the price of the car will correspond to the price of the i8 Roadster. BMW is not in a hurry to launch its new charged hybrid vehicle (PHEV). So the supercar is not expected to arrive until 2023. As details about BMW's new supercar are available, we will continue to convey it to you.


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