Details of AMD's Big Navi Graphics Card Revealed

US-based chip maker AMD is known for its Big Navi series. It is stated that the video card, which will be spoken with the AMD RX 5950 XT model, will have a 505 square millimeter membrane.

In recent years, AMD has made significant strides in both processor and graphics cards. The company, which has increased its market share, continues to work on developing new technologies. Among these technologies, Big Navi is one of the most remarkable .

New details about California's AMD flagship Big Navi 7 nm GPU have emerged. It is claimed that the new generation 7 nm Navi 21 GPU graphics card , which is stated to come with the name of the Big Navi series as AMD RX 5950 XT, will have a size of 505 square millimeters. It is said that the product will perform at least twice more performance than the RX 5700 XT GPU.

The 7 nm Navi 21 GPU graphics card is said to contain 505 square millimeter dice:

Navi 22 and Navi 23, which will be the continuation of the series, are reported to have 340 square millimeter and 240 square millimeter dice, respectively. It looks like the Navi 23 will likely be the successor to the current flagship model RX 5700 XT . It was also stated that there could be an increase or decrease of 5 millimeters in these dimensions. Of course, this is all rumor. We will learn the details of the subject in the official announcement from the company.

The graphics processor of AMD's RNA 5700XT graphics card with RDNA architecture is home to 40 controllers (CU), and the card's operating speed is up to 1,905 MHz. The future RX 5950XT is said to be based on the Navi 21 GPU base and will host 80 CU. The number of CUs may be less if AMD chooses to apply special ray tracing hardware to the Navi 2X family.

On the other hand, benchmark results of the next generation GPU, which AMD is preparing to launch, have leaked. The results can be said to herald an incredibly powerful card. Accordingly, AMD's product with 103.32 points is one step behind NVIDIA hardware with 108.16 points and has a resolution of 1512 x 1680 pixels.

In addition, it should be noted that many AMD cards have recently received RRA certification. It seems that AMD is in preparation for a launch for the entire card series. We will continue to convey to you the developments on the subject.

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