Digital Assistant Cortana

In recent years, digital assistants, especially in the life of technology lovers, are very convenient for those who have a full business life on the computer. In this article, we are talking about Microsoft's special software CORTANA. Cortana has undergone many changes and updates since its foundation. Cortana, which is almost the best among the Digital assistant software we mentioned earlier, has been released as a Beta version for a long time. With the latest update from Microsoft, we have reached the knowledge that it will be added to Windows 10-2004.

Developed in many areas, the new version of Cortana will make people's job easier and help them save more time. It appears that Microsoft is using all the support it needs. Let's take a look at the latest updated Cortana.

Microsoft seems to have provided some information about the Digital assistant Cortana that it has developed.

  • Am I empty now?

  • Did you find time to talk to someone about the problem?

  • Join my meeting.

  • Remind me to work at this time.

  • Change the brightness.

You can take advantage of these sentences by replacing the ambiguous information in these sentence examples from Microsoft.

Cortana Screenshots

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