Direct Message Feature Arrived on Instagram's Web Version

Located under the roof of Facebook, Instagram has finally added a feature that users have been curious about for a long time. With the new feature, users will be able to send direct messages to each other via the browser, just like in the mobile application.

The social media giant Instagram has been testing the 'direct messages in the browser' feature that people have long wanted, with a small group of users since January. The company, which has not offered this feature to its users for years, has finally activated the direct message feature from the web version for all users worldwide as of today .

Unlike WhatsApp or other messaging apps, Instagram DM feature, which is mostly for personal use, can make content producers work easier with the web version . It can be said that this move is really necessary, especially considering that high-profile accounts have to answer hundreds of messages every day .

The direct message feature on the browser will work just like on the mobile app:

According to the information conveyed by The Verge, the direct message feature brought to the web version was activated for users around the world at 17:00 . With the new feature, users who log into Instagram via the browser will be able to participate in individual and group chats and send photos or videos over the web , just like in the mobile application .

Moving the DM feature to the web version was among the future plans of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg . In an interview with The New York Times last year , Zuckerberg stated that private messaging, groups and Stories are the three fastest growing areas of online communication , and that they are working on more privacy-oriented communication in these three areas on the platforms he owns.

In another statement, CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that he is planning a system that will allow Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram users to send messages to each other regardless of the platform they use. At this point, the direct messages feature brought to the Instagram web version can be an important innovation to give users more flexibility in the operation of the system.

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