DxOmark score below Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S20 Ultra has taken DxOmark tests. Tests by the DxOmark team reveal that the Galaxy S20 Ultra did not give exactly what it expected during both photography and video shooting.

South Korean technology giant Samsung announced its new flagship phone family Galaxy S20 at an event in February . The company, which came before the consumers with 3 phone models called Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra during the promotions, highlighted the camera features of their new phones. Especially the

Galaxy S20 Ultra , the highest-end phone in the series , had the best camera features of the day it was announced.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has a quad camera setup. The 108MP resolution main rear camera had autofocus and OIS support, and the 48MP telephoto camera, 12MP resolution ultra-wide-angle sensor and ToF sensor also offered a unique experience to consumers. In addition, Samsung's high-end flagship was almost astonishing with its 100x zoom feature.

DxOmark is undoubtedly the first platform that comes to mind when it comes to camera performances of smartphones . The platform, which measures the camera performance of the devices in the tests applied to the phones and scores the phones' camera as a result of the tests made, took the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra this time. Telephones made more than 1,600 photos and 2 hours of video footage on the Galaxy S20 Ultra revealed that the camera performance.

DxOmark results of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

According to tests carried out by the DxOmark team, the Galaxy S20 Ultra manages to get 132 points for photo shoots and 102 points for video shots . The final result of these points is 122 points . Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra lags behind Huawei's P40 Pro, its strongest competitor in the industry.

According to the DxOmark team, the main camera of the Galaxy S20 Ultra offers a very high quality experience in daylight . The team says the 108 MP main camera does not give any blurry images in the images it takes. However, according to the tests, the main camera performance of the Galaxy S20 Ultra is not good at sharpening in low and very low light and disrupts the naturalness of some details . DxOmark states that this problem prevents the Galaxy S20 Ultra from getting higher scores.

A photo taken with the main camera of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

According to the DxOmark team, the Galaxy S20 Ultra's wide-angle camera offers as good performance as the main camera. According to the team's comments, consumers have very high quality images if they use the wide-angle camera either directly or by zooming. However, there were some minor problems with this camera too, and the device did not get full points.

A photo taken with the Galaxy S20 Ultra's wide-angle sensor

The portrait shooting mode of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is among the best according to the DxOmark team . The team says that perfect exposures are created in his photo shoots, and the clarity and blur effects are both high quality and extremely effective . The DxOmark team adds that the Galaxy S20 Ultra's portrait mode is used for night shots, causing minor problems.

A photo taken with the portrait mode of the Galaxy S20 Ultra

The DxOmark team also evaluated the Galaxy S20 Ultra's video shooting performance. Images shot at 4K resolution and 30 frames per second reveal that one of the most video shoots in the smartphone industry is the Galaxy S20 Ultra . The team states that the phone took very good quality videos and that only a few minor problems were detected during the shooting.


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