Elon Musk announces its target in Starship Production: '1 Spacecraft in 72 Hours'

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of SpaceX, who wanted to build a permanent colony on Mars, came up with a new idea. Musk, who previously predicted that it would require 1,000 Starship spacecraft and 20 years for the colony, said that now he wants to produce Starship every 72 hours.

Elon Musk , CEO of US rocket and spacecraft manufacturer SpaceX , wants to establish a permanent and sustainable city on Mars. According to Musk, to build a sustainable city on the red planet, 1,000 Starship spacecraft and at least 1 million tons of raw materials and equipment will be carried by these vehicles.

The US billionaire entrepreneur, who is extremely determined in this regard, has increased his workforce for rocket building. Concerned about closing the window of opportunity to go to Mars, Musk keeps it tight. In line with this goal, SpaceX incorporated more than 250 new employees in 2 days. Thus, the workforce was doubled.

Mobilization for the production of Starship:

Starship's SN1 prototype exploded in the pressure test as a direct result of weak connections. Those involved in the project knew that this prototype was wrong. Musk insists that the prototype was never designed for real flight.

The worrying issue is that SpaceX will build its factory in Texas, which will build 1 Starship every 72 hours. The US-based company needs to build a shield that can withstand strong winds to stack vehicles safely.

The target is more load capacity:

Stating that they need 1,000 vehicles, Musk says that each of these ships should have more load capacity and be reusable than Saturn V, the largest manufacturing model of the Saturn rocket family. The Saturn V rocket is the only launch vehicle that has carried people beyond low orbit. The rocket carried a total of 24 astronauts to the Moon between December 1968 and December 1972.

According to Elon Musk, if we want to live on more than one planet in the long term, the colonies must be stable and sustainable , even if the next supply vehicle is delayed or never gone  . In this context, stocking 1,000 vehicles on our planet means a variety of materials far beyond existing ideas.

Starship can land on the Moon two years later:

Starship, whose height will reach 118 meters when built, will be able to carry 100 passengers and up to 100 tons of cargo. The rocket is designed to be reusable, and each launch will cost $ 5 million. It is claimed that the system will significantly reduce the cost of space and passenger transportation. Starship is targeted to land on the Moon in 2022 .

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