Elon Musk Announces Sale of All Property on Twitter

Elon Musk announced on his social media account that he would sell his entire property. Stating that Tesla has a much higher market value, Musk also caused Tesla shares to decrease due to this tweet.

Musk , who made remarkable posts from his social media account , also received great reactions with the tweet that he officially wrote about quarantine measures

Thereupon Musk, "I'm selling all my physical presence, a house of my own non- ka", saying $ 100 million with a total market value of at least 7 home he would put up for sale. Saying that he will not have a house of his own anymore, Musk stated that his girlfriend, famous singer Grimes, was very angry with him.

Putting his properties on sale, Musk cited the former home of Gene Wilder in

Los Angeles , with the only exception . He offered as a condition not to make any changes so that the house does not collapse and loses its soul. In addition, Musk stated that Tesla 's share prices were very high, causing a 9.3 percent loss in Tesla shares, ie 14 billion dollars .

Musk tweet joke after asking whether he is American newspaper The Wall Street Journal, " No " has announced that it received the answer.


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