Elon Musk Announces the Future of Video Conference Feature for Tesla Vehicles

Elon Musk, CEO of the world-famous electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, announced that the company will offer video conferencing to its vehicles in the future. The feature maybe available soon because most Tesla cars already have enough equipment for video conferencing.

The coronavirus epidemic, which globally influenced humanity, enabled many things to be used more intensively than before. One of the things that the virus outbreak left many companies and institutions in need of was video conferencing .

The widespread use of video conferencing applications by people has made technology companies pay more attention to this area. The announcement in the field of video conferencing applications came from Tesla .

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in a new statement on Twitter that one of the features that Tesla vehicles will "definitely" receive in the future is video conferencing. At least Model 3 users are expected to have video conferencing feature shortly after Musk announced. Because the Model 3's already have a driver-facing camera.

The Tesla Model 3 came with a camera on the rearview mirror for potential use . However, Tesla has not yet offered a feature that uses this camera. This camera, available in Model 3, is now available for video conferencing. In addition to the camera in the rear-view mirror of the Model 3, the vehicle's infotainment screen can also be used for video conferencing.

Tesla Model 3 has a camera in the rearview mirror

Tesla recently filed a patent application for the camera. The patent named "Personalization System and Method for a Vehicle Based on Passengers' Spatial Locations" can actually be summarized as the camera's recognition of the driver and the vehicle's personalized settings of the driver .

Tesla's patent application and Elon Musk's statement from Twitter show that

the camera in the rearview mirror of Model 3 can be used for video conferencing in a short time. Tesla can offer its video conferencing feature to users even faster by considering the virus outbreak.


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