Elon Musk Criticizes US Coronavirus Restrictions on Twitter

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk criticized ongoing curfews in the U.S. due to the coronavirus outbreak yesterday. Musk is among those who want the US coronavirus restrictions to be lifted as soon as possible.

In the ranking of countries most affected by the coronavirus epidemic, the United States is unquestionably ranked first. On Tuesday, the number of coronavirus cases exceeded 1 million in the country. The US administration and local state administrations are trying to combat the coronavirus with the measures they take . In the US, curfews were imposed against the virus outbreak, while businesses in some areas were closed.

Curfews taken in the US and businesses remain closed during the epidemic are facing protests by the public. Tesla and CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk , are among the critics of the apps .

Elon Musk wants removal of coronavirus restrictions

Musk criticized the US coronavirus restrictions with tweets from Twitter last night. Musk, who tweeted "Free America, immediately" , praised the practices of the state of Texas, which will begin opening some of the businesses that are closed due to the coronavirus outbreak on Friday. In addition to Musk's Texas praise, he shared the Wall Street Journal's news that measures against coronavirus were ineffective with the comment "Give back the freedom of the people".

Musk's criticism of the restriction measures taken against the virus epidemic was hailed negatively by some of his followers. Some of Musk's followers supported Musk by considering the restrictions as “government persecution”.

Tweets sent by Elon Musk were not Musk's first strange approach to the virus outbreak. Musk stated that the coronavirus panic was “stupid” before the coronavirus restrictions came to the fore in March . After this announcement, Musk announced that his companies would manufacture respirators for the hospitals he needed, and that Tesla had sent over 1,000 respirators to 50 hospitals in the USA.

Coronavirus measures affect Tesla's operations

As with other companies in the US The measures taken against the coronavirus Tesla in their operations negatively affect the direction. The assembly plant in Tesla's Fremont city of California has been closed for some time due to coronavirus measures and it is not yet clear when the facility will open.

On the other hand, Elon Musk's tweets were thrown to Tesla the day before an important day. Today, it was announced as the day of purchase for Tesla's $ 720 million stock. Musk is also expected to announce Tesla 's earnings in the first quarter of 2020 today .


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