Elon Musk: If We Don't Improve Our Technology I Will Die Without SpaceX Mars

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is serious about colonizing Mars. In fact, the famous billionaire is concerned that SpaceX will not be able to reach Mars during his lifetime.

Elon Musk recently attended an event in Washington yesterday to explain his plans for the colonization of Mars. Musk started his speech 40 minutes late due to his work at SpaceX 's test center in Texas.

There is an important reason behind Elon Musk's hard work. The billionaire entrepreneur expressed concerns during his speech that SpaceX would not be able to reach Mars during his lifetime .

If we cannot improve our pace, we will definitely die before we go to Mars. If it took us 18 years to get ready for the first people in orbit, we should improve our innovation speed , or I'll definitely die before Mars," Musk said during his speech at the Satellite 2020 conference  .  said.

Going to Mars is the main goal of Space transport company SpaceX, established by Musk in 2002. Musk has long argued that humanity must become an interplanetary species in order to survive in the future.

SpaceX's plans for Mars are linked to Starship , a spacecraft currently undergoing testing and development  . The 50-meter-long Starship aims to take astronauts to the Moon and the Red Planet with a rocket called Super Heavy. Musk plans to bring the Mk3 version of Starship to orbit this year .

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