Elon Musk Launches Five More Properties with a Total Value of $ 100 Million

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk started to sell his properties one after the announcement that he no longer wanted to own a house. Finally, Musk put 5 more homes on sale for a total value of about $ 100 million.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is one of the most talked about business people of the 21st century and his net worth is estimated at about $ 35 billion. Musk, whose every move was an event, announced that he planned to become homeless by selling all the properties he owned with a tweet he made earlier this month. This tweet, which was thought to be a Musk-style joke at the beginning, started to be taken seriously when the famous business man put his properties on sale.

"I sell almost all my physical properties . I will not own a house , " Elon Musk shared on May 1 . he used expressions. Musk also stated that the famous actor Gene Wilder, who died in 2016, is the owner of his old house, and that he will sell it only on condition that it is not destroyed and 'his soul is not broken'.

Elon Musk, who put his properties up for sale, intends to become homeless (!)

Musk, which recently closed due to coronavirus, opened its electric car factory in California against local regulations and sold its four properties in Los Angeles as "for sale by owner" . It is stated that the total price requested for properties is $ 62.5 million. Musk also sold a $ 35 million manor house in the UK.

The South African business man sold another property of Gene Wilder in the Bel Air area, as well as the former home of Gene Wilder last week . While the desired price for Gene Wilder's house was $ 9.5 million; 20 million dollars was charged for the other mansion with 1850 square meters with seven bedrooms, two-storey library, swimming pool and tennis court.

Elon Musk , in a recent podcast, said , "Properties are putting pressure on you. You know, they're a kind of attack vector. People say," Hey, billionaire! You have all this. " I have nothing anymore. What are you going to do now? " He explained the reasons behind his decision.


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