Error Discovered in WhatsApp Crashes WhatsApp of All Members in a Group

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging application in the world, is on the agenda with a very critical software error. Researchers at the Israeli cyber security company Check Point discovered a bug in a group member that could crash whatsApps of all other members of the same group with just one message.

WhatsApp , operating under the umbrella of social media giant Facebook , has come across with a software error that could upset millions of users . According to Hacker News, the software error in question allows a group member to send a maliciously crafted message to crash whatsApps of all other members of the same group .

Because group members cannot selectively delete the malicious message without opening the group window, they may have to completely delete the group chat history to get rid of it. This should be a bad result for users who don't back up their chats. 

The software error crashes whatsApps of affected users

The software error discovered by researchers at the Israeli cyber security company Check Point reveals that WhatsApp has an exploitable point of adopting the Extensible Messaging and Asset Protocol (XMPP). In the video you'll watch at the end of the news, you'll see how a user crashes the other user's application by playing with the software parameters associated with a message within the group.

Error in WhatsApp occurs when you change some source code of the conversation

The user uses WhatsApp Web and a web browser debugging tool with an open source WhatsApp manipulation tool from Check Point last year. Check Point researchers, a user in the group sent the message in the source code of the phone number in place of ' ' , replacing the group's WhatsApp of says that all members . The error crashes the application and whatsApp will continue to experience the same problem every time they open researchers, as well as users can not go back to the group and can not access the discarded messages, he says.

Check Point says that the software error that caused the crash was reported to the WhatsApp security team last August and that the company solved the problem with the WhatsApp 2.19.58 update released in mid-September. Researchers recommend that users keep their applications up-to-date in order to avoid potential software bugs and attacks. 

Software error causing WhatsApp crash

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