Everything Known About Google's New Operating System Pigweed

For a while, claims that Google was working on a new operating system were on the agenda. A few days ago, things got serious when Google applied for the trademark registration of the name 'Pigweed'. However, it is not yet clear whether the new system is FuchsiaOS's new name or really another operating system.

Google , which is famous for its search engine worldwide , is not just that. Along with platforms such as Cloud Platform, Google also has many applications and software, and it also plays an important role in the smartphone industry. A significant portion of smartphones use the Android operating system developed by Google .

Google's only operating system is not Android. As well as Chromebooks ' s,  ChromeOS is being used. Both Android and ChromeOS are known as operating systems built using the Linux kernel. Now, Google is claimed to have rolled up sleeves for a new operating system.

The new operating system or the new name of Fuschia?

A few days ago, Google, which applied for trademark registration under the category of "Computer Operating Software" for the name " Pigweed ", began to decorate the headlines again. Google's application was seen on the website of the US patent and trademark agency, USPTO .

Since this incident, rumors have spread over the Internet that Pigweed will be Google's new operating system. However, the real question has not yet been answered. Whether Pigweed is really a new operating system or just the new name of Google's  Fuchsia operating system is unknown.

Another Google news or information about the pigweed beyond the above description does not . In the coming days, we may face a new operating system from Google. For now, we have to wait for what will happen and what Google will encounter. Google has been working with great privacy for Fuchsia since 2016 . Therefore, information about Pigweed is not expected to emerge with great speed .

The emergence of the mysterious operating system Fuchsia OS, in which Google continues its work, is going until 2016 . It is stated that all Android applications can be run comfortably in Fuchsia and application developers do not need to do anything extra for this.

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