Facebook Announces New Features for Mesenger Kids App

Facebook has announced new features that it will bring to the Messenger Kids app, which aims to make social media safer for children. New features increase parental control over the app.

Facebook announces that Messenger Kids , the messaging app for kids, has been released in 70 new countries. The social media giant has also revealed new features of the Messenger Kids app that will be released gradually.

Messenger Kids will allow children to communicate safely after schools close in many countries due to the coronavirus outbreak. In addition, the new features to be implemented are aimed at using Messenger Kids more safely under parental supervision .

What will the new features of Messenger Kids offer?

Messenger Kids' new feature called Supervised Friending is available in the U.S. today. Together with this feature, parents can control children's contacts, respond to friend requests, or add and remove new friends. In addition, transactions made by children are reported to parents via Messenger.

Another new feature allows parents to add their children and trusted adults like teachers to group chats . Finally, the third feature allows parents to make their children's profile names and photos visible or hidden to their children's contacts and their friends.

Facebook said the new features were developed in partnership with Youth Advisors , a consultation group of child development, media and online security experts . The social media giant is trying to make the platform safer for children with the help of professionals.

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