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Facebook, the US-based social media giant, appeared before its users with a new mobile application. The app called Facebook Gaming, which was shown as a rival to Twitch, was presented to the taste of Android users.

While Facebook carries the importance it gives to the game one step further, in this context , the application called Facebook Gaming was launched. The application, which allows users to play some simple games, allows watching the game broadcasts of famous broadcasters. Facebook Gaming is shown as a rival to Twitch with this feature.

Currently available for download by Android users, Facebook Gaming offers the user the opportunity to instantly play Facebook games, join groups according to their interests, and watch Facebook live streams. It is stated that the iOS version of the application will be available as soon as possible.

Facebook Gaming is available to Android users:

Facebook, in the promotional part of the application, “Facebook Gaming invites you to a new game world. Here, you can instantly play games and join groups that center everything you care about. The ways to have fun are countless. Find what belongs to you ” . Thanks to the application, it was noted that the largest esports tournaments and videos of the best broadcasters can be discovered.

Thanks to the 'Go Live' feature in Facebook Gaming, players will be able to stream games on Facebook by projecting their screens. While there are no ads in the app, badges like Twitch are used instead. To get these badges, you need to pay a certain fee. Facebook will be able to increase their income in this way.

In addition, the application provides the opportunity to play games at any time without downloading. There are game categories that appeal to everyone in the application, which is stated to be adding new games every day. You can download the application free of charge from the link below.

Facebook Gaming: Watch, Play, and Connect

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