Facebook Has Stopped Showing Ads on WhatsApp

US social media giant Facebook, popular messaging platform WhatsApp'ta want to run ads, was met by users. A new report shows that the company has moved away from this plan.

WhatsApp , operating under the roof of Facebook , is currently the most preferred instant messaging application in the world. The platform, which was released in 2009, was not initially used free of charge and demanded a certain amount of subscription from users. However, this subscription fee of $ 0.99 per year, Facebook 'WhatsApp'ı in 2014 was removed with the purchase. 

Just two years later, WhatsApp reached a significant milestone, exceeding 1 billion monthly active users; but despite this tremendous success, Facebook didn't make any money from the application. Deciding to take a radical step in 2018, the social media giant planned to earn more revenue by selling advertising .

Facebook seems to have given up showing ads on WhatsApp

Chris Daniels, then Vice President of WhatsApp, announced that the company plans to show ads in WhatsApp stories as part of its efforts to make money on WhatsApp . The main idea behind this step was to generate revenue from the application and enable businesses to reach WhatsApp users around the world.

However, WhatsApp's founders resisted the advertising plan, and co-founder Brian Acton resigned from WhatsApp due to disagreements with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg .

WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton thinks Facebook should be deleted from our lives

According to a report signed by the Wall Street Journal published today, Facebook , WhatsApp seems to be away from plans to show ads. The report says a team recently set up to find ways to integrate ads in WhatsApp was recently deployed.

Facebook, WhatsApp again to show ads a day in advertising services may be planning to offer. Nevertheless, the company's current focus is said to enable businesses to quickly communicate with their customers. We'll wait and see what steps Facebook will take to earn money from WhatsApp.

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