Facebook Introduced 'Silent Mode' Feature That Shows Time Spent In The Application

Silent mode, the new feature of Facebook, allows users to see the time they spend in the application. The user, who has set the time interval, does not receive notifications during this time period, and encounters a warning when logging into the application.

Many of us quarantine themselves at home to protect against the new type of coronavirus COVID-19, which has been declared a pandemic due to its spread throughout the world, and to minimize the spread of the virus . During this time we stay at our homes, we use electronic devices much more than other times .

The increase in the time we spend by looking at the screens of the electronic devices during the day causes us to manage the time badly and spend the day unproductively . Facebook , which wants to shorten the screen times , has added a new feature to its platform.

Screen times are reduced with Facebook's 'silent mode'

Seeing the total time we looked at the screen in a day , the screen time increased significantly, Facebook has published a new feature that is quite appropriate considering the health of its users .

Silent mode, the new feature of Facebook , completely silences notifications from the app. Silent mode, according to the specified time interval , does not reflect any notification to the user in this time interval , allowing the user to leave the application for a while.

When silent mode is active, a warning appears when you enter the application

Users trying to open the application while the silent mode is active encounter a warning that covers the entire screen . While how long the time set for the silent mode ends , the users who want it can end the silent mode and switch to the application or disable the silent mode for 15 minutes .

Silent mode , which shows the statistics of the last 2 weeks and provides information to the user about how much time they spent in the application , by Facebook; Launched as a new feature to help maintain mental health for those trying to deal with quarantine during coronavirus pandemics .

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