Facebook Introduces 'Digital Pay System' Facebook Pay

US social media giant Facebook, Facebook under the umbrella applications WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook developed for the new digital payment system introduced Facebook Pay'i. So, what does Facebook Share offer to users? Let's talk about this and many more questions.

We already know that Facebook , led by Mark Zuckerberg, wants to offer users an integrated experience through its services. The efforts to bring together the messaging infrastructure of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger can be shown as the most concrete example of this request of the company. 

Continuing its branding process by highlighting these three main applications, Facebook has launched another brand-new initiative. The San Francisco-based company introduced Facebook Pay , a new payment system for WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook . 

With Facebook Pay you will be able to transfer money via Messenger

Facebook says the new digital payment service is a convenient and secure payment method that will provide an integrated experience on Facebook , Facebook Messenger , Instagram and WhatsApp . The US company is committed to secure and secure payment information for people using Facebook Pay . Given Facebook's inability to manage user data, it is a matter of curiosity to what extent this promise will be fulfilled. 

What does Facebook Pay offer to users?

Once you've defined a preferred payment method, you can use it in all applications under Facebook. You can view payment history and manage payment options. You can also get real-time customer service support from Facebook Pay. 

Facebook Pay; This week will be available in the US for donors, in-game purchases, event tickets, person-to-person money transfers in Messenger, and purchases from specific pages and businesses on the Facebook Marketplace. 

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