Facebook Releases Dark Mode for New Desktop Version

Facebook launched the dark mode feature for the new desktop version interface that it announced last year. In the comments made, it was stated that many Facebook users can use both the new Facebook interface and the dark mode in this interface.

Facebook , the most popular social media platform in the world , made an important promise to consumers in the "F8 Developers Conference" last year. As part of this promise, the company said that dark mode will come to the desktop version of the platform  . Facebook has made its promise now and has released dark mode on the desktop version of Facebook.

In the statements made by Facebook officials, it has been announced that many Facebook users can experience the dark mode on their computers as of today . Users who want to use Facebook's dark mode will click on the " Menu " button located on the right side of the screen, after switching to Facebook's new design, and will activate the dark mode option here.

That's how Facebook's dark mode looks

At the F8 Developers Conference, which was held last year, Facebook announced that the Facebook interface will now have a simpler and more useful structure. In this context, developers have been working on a new Facebook interface since January. Users were able to experience this new interface if they wish. The latest development in this new interface was the arrival of the dark mode.

The normal look in Facebook's new interface is as follows

Facebook's new interface has bigger sections  than before . Users will then find a simpler and more useful Facebook desktop experience than before. Customizable page sections can be designed according to the users' preferences. Time will show how users react to this new interface.

If you access your Facebook account through the desktop site, you will see a small warning just above the streaming section . This warning asks if you want to try the new Facebook. As you approve this warning and start using the new Facebook, you are asked if you will use the new Facebook in normal mode or in dark mode. Thus, you decide which design you want and start using it.