Facebook's New Design With Dark Mode Is Available For Desktop Site

The desktop site of social media giant Facebook, which frequently changes something in its design, has been offered to users all over the world with its new design and dark mode.

Facebook , the pioneer of social media, started to lose its popularity over time. For this reason, the company tries to keep the user mass alive by making design changes frequently . The platform had been renewed recently.

Facebook's renewed desktop design was previously open to certain users. With the announcement made today, it is stated that the new interface and dark mode can be used by users all over the world.,

It was released in March:

New design and dark mode, in fact, been increases occurred in the month. This design was not open to everyone and accessible from every country at the time. The company had given many users the chance to use this new interface in March .

Facebook's blog post published today said that the new desktop site can be experienced by everyone . Send this design faster, more easily and was told it was a dark-mode design that rests the eye.

Although the dark mode is the highlight of the new design , there have been many innovations on the site with the update. The homepage has been made lighter and more streamlined, while the number of news and posts has been reduced. There are larger grids on the sides of the screen.

How to turn on the dark mode of Facebook?

Many people are bothered by too much light coming from the screen . Many apps have dark mode for this reason . Facebook also added dark mode to its site. Turning this mode on is pretty simple.

  • Press the down arrow at the end of the top menu .

  • Click Facebook's Settings tab from the menu that appears .

  • " Get the New Facebook " select.

  • Press the same arrow and turn on dark mode .

Facebook announced at the F8 event in 2019 that the site will focus more on events, private groups and messaging, the most used features. Facebook has lost a significant number of users in recent years .

What do you think about the new design? Do you think Facebook will be able to attract people with its new design? Or will Facebook be old with young people turning to platforms like Instagram and TikTok?

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