Facebook will bring the Messenger Rooms feature to WhatsApp, which will rival Zoom

Facebook has recently made its new feature for Messenger, Facebook's messaging app, Rooms now available on WhatsApp. The presence of the Messengers Rooms transition in the latest beta version of WhatsApp shows that Facebook is working on the feature.

The coronavirus outbreak has also changed the communication habits of people worldwide. Many employees who have to work from home, students studying distance learning and other people who want to meet their families are using video conferencing applications more intensely than in the past .

The popularity of video conferencing applications caused the social media giant Facebook to take action in this area as well. Facebook, which made its first move on this subject, announced the Messenger Rooms feature recently. Now, the information that shows up shows that Facebook will also move Messenger Rooms to WhatsApp.

Messenger Rooms migration found in beta version of WhatsApp

A search for WABetaInfo in WhatsApp version 2.20.139 found a transition to Messenger Rooms. This transition isn't working right now. However, the presence of the shortcut shows that Facebook's new feature will be available in the coming days as a pillar of its fight against Zoom.

Facebook wants to quickly expand Messenger Rooms in its apps to share the success achieved by Zoom's coronavirus outbreak . For this reason, it is usual for Messenger Rooms to come to WhatsApp after Messenger.

Messenger Rooms can be used without the need for a separate application

A person who broadcasts live with Facebook's new Messenger Rooms feature will establish a Live Broadcast Room where other people can join whenever they want. The widespread use of WhatsApp and Messenger allows Messenger Rooms to be used without installing a separate app. Not installing a new application can enable users to use this feature widely.

It is not yet clear when Facebook's Messenger Rooms feature, which it will bring to WhatsApp, will be released in the public version . However, the fact that the feature comes to WhatsApp can make people prefer WhatsApp for video conferencing calls.

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