FCC Opens 6 GHz Band For Wi-Fi 6E

The Federal Communications Board (FCC) launched the 6 GHz band for Wi-Fi 6E. This will speed up transactions and provide a better quality of Wi-Fi.

Today, Wi-Fi is indispensable for many people and institutions. While this is the case, slow Wi-Fi connection can frustrate people. According to news coming today, Wi-Fi will become faster soon.

The Federal Communications Board (FCC) announced today that unlicensed use is active in the 6 GHz band (5,925 / 7,125 GHz) in the 1,200 MHz spectrum. Wi-Fi 6E, the next generation Wi-Fi, will use the 6 GHz band to provide uninterrupted wireless internet connection. This means that Wi-Fi 6E will be about 2.5 times faster than normal .

Apple can take advantage of this technology:

The usage announced by the FCC will not be the first use of the 6 GHz band because this band; it is already in use to provide public services and public safety. Unlicensed devices preparing to log out will use this spectrum with licensed services in accordance with the rules prepared by FCC.

New 6 GHz band; It will be very useful for wearable augmented reality and virtual reality devices. High-feature virtual reality devices that are not connected to any cable can be developed in this context. Apple can offer a headset accessory that can be connected wirelessly with all iPhones to customers.

Wi-Fi Alliance , "the Commission, 6 GHz band at bringing still available for unlicensed devices 1.200 MHz spectrum American consumers, businesses and the economy, paving the way for Wi-Fi use. Most importantly, the FCC decided to Wi-Fi users to their colleagues and their families, health care, "will ensure that it adheres to business, education and other critical services ."

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