Foldable Xperia XZ5 Concept Inspired by Various Sony Products

A Youtube channel has released a concept video that combines Sony Xperia XZ5 with foldable display technology. The concept called Sony Xperia XZ5 Fold carries traces of many Sony products in the design.

With the introduction of foldable smartphones into our lives, concept designs with a futuristic look began to emerge. A YouTube channel called Techconfigurations has combined the phone with a foldable design based on the Sony Xperia XZ5 .

The concept, called the Sony Xperia XZ5 Fold, is inspired by many Sony products , including PS4 , Bravia TVs and even Vaio laptops . We haven't seen Sony's work on foldable phones yet, but this concept can provide Sony with an idea.

Sony Xperia XZ5 steps into the next generation

The Sony Xperia XZ5 Fold has an 8-inch OLED home screen, which, when opened, combines with a second 6.6-inch screen. It appears to be a vertical positioned camera setup inspired by the Xperia XZ5 on the back. The device, which supports 5G , has a powerful battery such as 7000 mAh and 65W charging support

The concept seems to wink at next generation phones with 8 GB / 12 GB RAM and Snapdragon 875 processor. It also has storage options up to 512 GB. The sides of the Xperia XZ5 Fold have a curved screen that shows weather notifications and is based on the PS4 design.

In addition to dual stereo speakers, the Sony Xperia XZ5 Fold has a stylus that lets you draw on its massive screen . There is also a special mode that allows you to use the phone like a laptop. In short, this concept combines smartphone, tablet and computer features in one place.

Sony Xperia XZ5 Fold concept video:


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