Fortnite's New Deadpool Event and Award to Reveal

Fortnite's Week 4 Deadpool challenges have been exposed with the latest update.With two challenges coming to Fortnite tomorrow, players will be able to get a ridge of Deadpool's Katana.

With the release of every major Fortnite update, data miners are beginning to review the game's files.Fortnite v12.10 updatefound tips forDeadpoolchallengescoming to the game in the 4th week .

Fortnite has two new challenges every week, and players who have completed the challenges in the first three weeks have received spray rewards.But much more is coming in the 4th week.Let's take a look at theDeadpool award and leakedchallenges.

Fortnite Week 4 Challenges:

  • Find Deadpool's katana (2)

  • Damage the opponent's structures (10000)

Itseems that we will have to findthe twokatansseparatelyfor the first challenge.Damaging the opponent's structures is a more understandable challenge, but it won't be easy to complete.When the challenges are completed, players will be given a back ornament.The rarity of the ridge ornamentis mentioned asMarveland it says "Use with maximum effort" in its description.

Deadpool back award:

Fortnite's new Deadpool challenges will not open with regular weekly challenges today and willarrivetomorrow (March 13) separately.


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