Forza Street's Future for Android and iOS Devices Announced

Forza Street is preparing to bring the excitement of street racing to mobile devices. Microsoft announced the date when the free mobile game based on the popular Forza series will come to Android and iOS.

Microsoft and developer Turn 10 Studios announced that their new mobile games Forza Street will be released for free on Android and iOS devices on May 5 at the same time. Pre-registration for Forza Street will be limited to Android devices with access to Google Play and Galaxy Store.

Players who download and play in the first month after Forza Street is released will be able to get a Founders Pack , which includes the 2017 Ford GT, in-game currency and credits, for free. The prizes that will come to the message part of the game can be used to buy and upgrade cars.

Forza Street brings the excitement of street racing to the palm of your hand

Forza Street has been designed specifically for mobile devices so that race lovers can experience the action at the peak, wherever they want. The races are much shorter than Microsoft's popular Forza games. Some races and story-driven modes will take less than a minute. Of course, one of the main focus of the game will be buying and upgrading vehicles.

Forza Street will not be as serious a simulation as the main Forza series. Still, it will offer many options, from classic powerful cars to modern sports and retro supercars. Players will be able to participate in speed and adrenaline-filled street racing on their mobile devices .

Xbox Live users can already start building their collections on Windows 10. All progress made in the game will be transferred to the application when it is released. You can access the Microsoft store for Forza Street here . Android users can also access the Google Play Store page here to pre-register on Forza Street .


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