Google Acquires AppSheet to Add Non-Coded Development to the Cloud Service

Google announced today that it has purchased the AppSheet non-coding development platform. While the figures for the purchase have not been disclosed, Google is thought to have made such a move to add code-free development to cloud services.

The platform called AppSheet is a mobile application that can be developed without any coding and has been active for 8 years. As one of the pioneers of the IT industry, Google purchased the AppSheet for an undisclosed sum. 

With AppSheet, Google will enable companies to develop mobile applications without writing a single line of code . System; It allows you to develop a basic level application by extracting data from a file, database or form and filling the required fields. 

Application development platform compatible with Google Cloud

Although AppSheet is  already compatible with Google Docs and Google Forms, it also works with other tools. These include AWS DynamoDB, Salesforce, Office 365 and other tools. Google says the support for these platforms will continue after the deal . 

In the blog post announcing the acquisition, it was announced that the purpose of this acquisition was to give everyone the chance to develop mobile applications, including companies that do not have traditional developer tools. Thus, it is stated that millions of people who do not have professional coding skills can easily develop applications. 

Google has  recently been working to get everyone involved in development. In order to overcome the coding barrier, which is one of the most important barriers in this regard , at least at a basic level, the company is turning to such alternatives.

AppSheet sees Google as an opportunity

Praveen Seshadri, co-founder of AppSheet and currently CEO, said that they would be able to develop further under Google and reach market access they could not reach as an independent company. 

Google's presence, such as G Suite and Android to become more compatible with the potential to create a great advantage for them, the company officials said, so that AppSheet'in functionality, size and performance can improve said. Executives also said they will combine the power of AppSheet's core business with Google Cloud's expertise in financial services, retail, media and entertainment.

Google sees this acquisition as an expanding branch of application development, workflow automation, application integration, and API management. Appsheet development tools such as not expected to take the place of private development environment, but these tools can otherwise take place in the mobile sector, which is quite hard, quite the firms will be forced to develop their own practice enough makes it possible to produce applications. 

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