Google Messages is a feature iMessage has had for a while

Google developers have updated the beta version of instant messaging apps called Messages. After reviewing the code for this version after the update, the developers noticed that Google is working on a new feature.

Instant messaging applications offered to users are not limited to WhatsApp and Telegram. There are dozens of messaging apps that you know or don't know the name of today.

As an alternative to third party applications, Apple has instant messaging applications called "iMessage" and Google has "Messages". Apple's iMessage can only be used by iPhone owners, while Messages can be used by all smartphone owners.

Give years of rivalry between Google's Messages app and Apple's iMessage app . From time to time, companies come to the agenda with the similarity of the applications and the features they copy from time to time . The information now revealed reveals that the Messages app has copied a new feature from iMessage.

Google developers have updated the beta version of Messages for users who are part of the beta testing program in the Google Play Store . The developers, who had the opportunity to examine the codes of the new version, realized that Google was working on something new. Google brings the Messages app to react to messages just like iMessage.

iMessage users know that a menu opens when they press and hold a message sent to them. In this menu, there are icons for various situations such as liking, approving and rejecting the message . For example, iMessage user, who likes a sent message, tells the other side that he likes this message when he touches the heart icon. This feature will come to Google's Messages app in the future.

It is not known when this feature, which is currently only available in the codes of Posts, will be available to users . In fact, it is not even known whether this feature will be available. However, it is an indisputable fact that Google is working on such a feature and users have nothing to do other than to be patient to use this feature .

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