Google Shares Participation Links of Hidden WhatsApp Groups on Search Engine

Search giant Google causes the vulnerability by indexing the joining links of WhatsApp groups that should be hidden to the search engine. The fact that WhatsApp does not take any measures in this regard causes users to turn to alternative applications.

Many people prefer WhatsApp because it is easy to use and private when chatting with their family or friends . However, emerging reports have revealed that the encrypted application may not be as private as you might think. At this point, the point that violates WhatsApp's privacy is Google.

According to shared reports, Google indexes the links of groups that are intended to be private to the search engine, making WhatsApp group chats easy to find. At this point, users can join the groups by finding the link to join the groups that should be private after a short Google search .

It is possible to access WhatsApp groups from Google searches:

The other day, a user named Jordan Wildon made a post on his Twitter account saying , “Your WhatsApp groups may not be as secure as you think” . Stating that “Invite to Group by Link” feature added links to joining the group to Google search engine, Wildon stated that these groups are available on the internet .

Motherboard said the scope of the survey can be accessed by several groups looking for a few simple group of more than 470 thousand of links announced able to find through Google. When this is the case, a person who finds the links to "join the group by link" on the internet can also obtain the phone numbers of the people in the group he / she joins .

People who are concerned about data security can turn to alternative messaging applications:

As it is known, WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption method to ensure data security . However , Facebook , which is under the umbrella of the popular messaging application , has been on the agenda with many data scandals before. That's why people started to lose their trust in Facebook.

At this point, Jake Moore, a cyber security expert at ESET, recommends that people who think that user security is at risk use alternative apps like Telegram or Signal . Sean Wright, another security researcher who agrees with Moore, says people with privacy issues should try alternative apps .

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