GTA Online Invaded by Alien Gangs

There is a new war in Grand Theft Auto Online, but this time the war is not among criminals but between alien gangs. New videos on the game reveal the fierce battle between green and purple alien gangs in GTA Online.

GTA Online, the online mode of Grand Theft Auto V, which is known to the game lovers is in a different way this time. The popular game is now invaded by aliens. The fictional city in the game, Los Santos, is famous for never getting rid of strange events, but the new alien invasion surprised the players. Last month, the streets of Los Santos are filled with in-game characters that turn players into a random animal, and are now home to green and purple alien gangs that appear to be extremely dangerous .

In the videos published by some sources, it is seen that the green creatures from the minibuses attack the players with baseball bats. It is another information conveyed that these characters, which were thought to be temporary at first, were not removed despite the advancing time. Again, it is said in the comments that these characters gather members to take Los Santos or earn money, but despite all this, the purpose of the green aliens seen in the game is not fully predicted.

Alien gangs are fighting each other:

The information conveyed by the fans of the game does not end here. As many players are eliminated by aliens, they decide to challenge the aliens, and so war begins. The purple aliens that soon appeared in response to the green aliens entered the game, and the streets of Los Santos are beginning to host the struggle of green and purple aliens with each other .

It is also said that players participated in the war of green and purple colored aliens. Some players unite as rival gangs to defeat or infiltrate them . So the alien war in the game does not seem to end for now, and it seems to show time which gang will settle on the summit. It is estimated that these mysterious alien wars will cause players to have fun and have a pleasant time because it is a different situation despite everything.


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