Hafter Announces Himself as 'President' (Libya)

In his address to the nation, Caliph Khafter, the leader of the Libyan National Army, stated that they took over the country's administration.

“The general command of the armed forces takes over the country's administration and announces that the Suheyrat agreement has been terminated. Despite the heavy burden of responsibility, we accept the will and power of the people ”.

Stating that the National Libyan Army will work on creating the conditions for the formation of permanent civilian institutions “in accordance with the will of the people”, Hafter said, “People should be the masters of their lives and choose their future through democracy. Our goal from the first day was to protect the will of the Libyans. ”

Pointing out that the Suheyrat agreement envisaging the establishment of the National Consensus Government has destroyed the country and made it dangerous, Hafter added, “But now this agreement has become part of the dark past.”


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