Half Life: Alyx Release Date and System Requirements

Half-Life's new game Alyx, which has been expected for many years and has been happy since its first news, was announced on Steam. Valve has released the page of the game.

Valve , the owner of Steam, the most popular online gaming platform in the world , is currently focusing on all the attention. Because the company has developed a 'Half Life' series has added a new game. As a matter of fact, there have been various rumors on the subject for a while, and these statements have now been confirmed by Valve's statements. Valve announced the name of the game ' Half-Life: Alyx' .

Valve's new game, as the name suggests, is a new Half-Life game. We had no information about the game, but Valve announced that the game was developed for Steam VR . So Half-Life: Alyx is Valve's new virtual reality game. With the new page Steam added to the platform, we became even more familiar with the game.

Check-out date and pre-order price announced

More than 21 years had passed since gamers were introduced to a new Half-Life game . Valve continued to delight fans with new news and added certain information to Half-Life: Alyx's Steam . This information includes the release date of the game and the pre-order price.

Before moving on to the price and release date, we can also mention the system requirements described in the game. Explaining the minimum system requirements, Valve will require 12 GB RAM and a 6 GB graphics card in the GTX1660 / RX 580 class for those who want to play Half-Life: Alyx. The CPU will also require the Core i5 - 7500 / Ryzen 5 1600.

Price and release date

Half-Life: Alyx's price has not been announced at the moment, but the game's pre-order price has been announced. The pre-order price determined as 16.13 $ is In addition to all these, Valve has now applied a 10% discount to the game. Finally, Valve announced that the game will be launched on March 2020.


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