Handwritten Text to be Transformed with iOS 14

Apple continues to run on iOS 14. iOS 14 may have an OCR feature to convert handwritten text with Apple Pencil into text. This feature, which we have seen on many devices before, can be of great benefit to users.

According to a new piece of information about iOS 14, the new version of the mobile operating system that Apple is still working on, the handwriting written with Apple Pencil on iOS 14  can be converted into text.

Thanks to the new OCR feature of iOS 14, messages can be written by touching any text field with Apple Pencil . The handwriting written in the text field with Apple Pencil will be transformed into typewriter letters thanks to the new feature of iOS 14.

According to the information obtained by Macrumors, the feature called PencilKit; It will be able to work in any text input field such as Messages, Notes, Reminders, Calendar and Mail . A sliding screen will open in the text entry area tapped with Apple Pencil, and text can be written in this field with Apple Pencil.

Apple currently does not have any features that convert handwriting into text. Only Notes has a feature that recognizes handwritten words and allows searching for these words . The new feature works on iOS's own apps, but it seems to be able to work with third-party apps as well.

It is not yet clear whether the feature in which handwriting will be converted into text with Apple Pencil will be found precisely on iOS 14 . There is also the possibility that if the features developed for Apple are not available until launch, these features are not available in the first release of iOS 14 to be released.

In addition to the OCR feature that will transform handwriting into text, Apple is also working on a feature called "Magic Filler". With the Magic Fill feature, the pictures drawn by the user will be colored by iOS.

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