Hangouts Chat's Name Has Changed: Introducing Google Chat

Launched to secure and secure communication between teams, Hangouts Chat is involved in the dusty pages of history. The statement from Google confirmed that Hangouts Chat is now Google Chat.

Silicon Valley giant Google, from time to time, is stepping into some new projects and collecting feedback from users. Acting on the feedbacks, Google may choose to develop or make changes to the project , while also ending these projects .

Internet denince of the first to come to mind companies Google by, in 2013, Google Plus is an add-on ceases marketed on its own platform still Hangouts , has experienced an increase in usage along with acting new type of coronavirus our world. However, Google made some new decisions regarding the future of Hangouts .

Hangouts Chat is gone, Google Chat is gone

Technology leader Google has completely removed the Hangouts brand name from its corporate offerings for G Suite . Google has included Google Chat naming instead of Hangouts Chat . While the name change does not end with this, it is stated that the name of the Hangouts Meet service has been changed to Google Meet .

Among the naming of Google Meet and Google Chat, which was first noticed in G Suite's support documents , Google Chat was also verified by the US-based technology company.

Speaking for Hangouts , which left Google Plus in 2013 and became a separate chat application , the Google spokesperson noted that Hangouts will not change for ordinary consumer .

Today's decisions do not make any changes after Google postponed the support end date for Hangouts for G Suite in August last year . Hangouts Chat, which is a competitor to Slack, which we can qualify as an in- team communication application, will be referred to as Google Chat from now on.

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