Hotel Collapses With Corona Virus Patients In China

Located in the quarantine area in Fujian province of China, Xinjia Express Hotel has collapsed. Currently, it is thought that there are about 70 people under the wreckage.

A new incident happened while the Corona virus has  seriously focused the world's attention. Located in the Fujian city of China Xinjian Express Hotel the hotel is, Turkey has collapsed around 14:30 clock. According to local media and officials, 70 people  are under the wreckage  .

The 80-room hotel was recently used as a kind of quarantine area for people in contact with patients with the Corona virus. Rescue work in the area of ​​the 5-storey hotel is still ongoing.

34 people were removed from the rubble:

While there is no explanation for the loss of life at the moment, information about the people who were removed from the wreckage is coming. According to the statements made by the Emergency Management Directorate, it was reported that 34 people have been removed from the rubble so far and the interventions continue.

Although the latest statements contain information on the number of people recovered from the rubble and how many people were found under the rubble, there is no explanation for the reason for the building's collapse.

Posts on social media were as follows:

A hotel located in Nanhuan Road, in Licheng District, Quanzhou suddenly collapsed! The information that the hotel was at the quarantine point came. Some employees were buried at the scene. Rescue team quickly arrived in the area for search and rescue work. Xiamen, send support! "

A 6-storey hotel (which is reported to be a 5-storey hotel in most sources) in the Fujian province, which allegedly used as Wuhan's Corona virus quarantine, has collapsed. Nearly 70 people are thought to be under debris."


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