How to Freeze Facebook Messenger Account?

Freezing your Facebook Messenger account is quite simple, contrary to popular belief. Perhaps the worst part is that you need to freeze your Facebook account before Messenger freezing. How to freeze your Facebook Messenger account? Let's explain:

Like some users, you may not want to use Facebook Messenger while using your Facebook account. Unfortunately, this is impossible for the time being . If you want to freeze your Messenger account, you need to freeze your Facebook account first . So if you use your Facebook account, you're listed as a user even if you don't download Messenger. That's what Mark Zuckerberg wants.

Messenger is a free application as well as Android and iPhone (iOS) is an application that almost all users using Facebook. Which makes him very popular. With a recent decision, you 'll have to have a Facebook account to log in to Messenger . This does not mean that you have to use Facebook. After you freeze your account, you can continue using Messenger.

Before freezing Messenger: How to freeze a Facebook account?

  • When you enter Facebook, click on the figure that appears on the top right and faces downwards,

  • Settings,

  • Click on Facebook Information in the left menu,

  • On the page that opens, click View next to Freeze and Delete,

  • Select Freeze Account and click Continue freezing account.

As mentioned above, you need to freeze your Facebook account in order to freeze your Messenger account. You can freeze your Facebook account by following the steps above. What you need to consider here is which option you choose. Therefore, make sure that the Freeze Account option is selected.

If you click Permanently Delete Account on the same page , you'll have taken an irreversible action. After this process, your account images, posts, messaging, friends, etc. all information is deleted and cannot be restored . If the Freeze Account option is selected, everything will be in place when you re-open your account. Therefore, you should pay attention to which option you choose.

Facebook Messenger and account freeze:

  • Log in to Messenger or Messenger Lite.

  • Tap your profile picture in the top left corner,

  • Select Legal Information and Policies,

  • Tap Freeze Messenger,

  • Tell it to freeze.

At first, we froze our Facebook account with the steps we explained. Now you have to freeze your Messenger account in order. Messenger Android and Messenger iPhone (iOS) applications are processed using the same method . You can freeze your Messenger account by following the steps above. You can also use this method for Messenger Lite . It is also very easy to reopen the account after you freeze.

All you need to do is to activate your account again; Messenger APK file or Android - download the app from iOS stores and log in with your Facebook username and password . After you do this, you can continue to use Messenger. Even if your Facebook account is frozen, your friends can call your name and send you a message .

You can freeze your account in Facebook Messenger, which is completely free with millions of users. Within the framework of the new rules introduced by Facebook now you need to have an active Facebook account in order to use Messenger . After logging in to Messenger, you can freeze your Facebook account and continue to use the messaging app only.

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