How to Gather Player Computer and Which Parts are Important?

How to Gather Player Computer and Which Parts are Important?

How should the player computer be? What should I watch out for?

Since e-sports games are in a different category than this, your expectation will be met as long as you pay attention to the following steps. Let us remind you by making a small reminder that you need to catch at least 30 fps for fluency in games. For First Person Shooter games, even Min 50 fps values ​​are important for fluency.

  • Contrary to popular belief, your first priority is not a processor; video card is required. You should be interested in new modern graphics cards.

  • We can say that 8 GB DDR Ramler is accepted as the entry level. It would be a good performance to get at least 2 * 8 GB, that is, 16 GB DDR4 RAM in total. Of course, you can increase it according to your budget and motherboard support.

  • If you prefer an Intel processor, Skylake processors should be your first choice. Let us remind these processors that it is not possible to overclock for those who do not write "K".

  • The Case and Power Supply often become components that we don't want to pay a lot of money; however, for a good condition, you should allocate a minimum 500 Watt or 750 Watt power supply and a good budget.

  • Motherboard is already an indispensable part of us. After deciding on the graphics card and processor, it is necessary to choose a suitable motherboard for them. MSI Pro Gaming series is generally recommended.

  • We will also need a monitor that plays 1080p. Since 4K may not be very common yet, 1080p resolution can be considered.

  • In the system collections I will share below, you will see that SSD and HDD are used together. SSDs offer much better performance, but they are not considered to be very high capacity. Therefore, you can definitely install the operating system on the SSD and install your games on the HDD. The games you install on the SSD will usually load the Loading screens faster than the HDD, you can install the games on the HDD, without much attention to this.

Of course, besides this hardware, downloading and installing the latest drivers and having the latest updates on your operating system will also have a huge impact.

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