How to Use Video Call Application 'Google Duo'

The video call application launched by Google in 2016 is being updated every day with new features. Even though its features increase, we have taken the Google Duo under the spotlight in this article.

Recently, applications such as Instagram and Whatsapp have offered video calling to its users. But the main function of these applications is the lack of video calls, which makes users seeking simplicity and functionality look for an alternative. As an alternative to the good comments received in this regard, the application that comes across the Google Duo . 

What is this Google Duo? Google Duo is actually a free video chat application that you can use on iPhone and Android devices, which is extremely simple to use . Launched in 2016, the app is just one of Google's video and audio applications.

What distinguishes Google Duo from other video applications is the ease of use and user-friendly interface, just like Apple's Facetime application. Unlike Facetime, however, you can use Google Duo on smartphones with both Android and iOS operating systems. 

Video call features that make Google Duo WhatsApp competitor:

Group video call for up to 8 people:

You can now make video calls with up to 8 people using Google Duo. Initially limited to 4, this feature now allows an additional 4 people. To start a video call, all you have to do is turn on the Google Duo application, then swipe the screen and tap Create group. You can then select the friends you want to have a group conversation with and start the conversation by tapping start.

Night mode:

The Duo is already a good enough place among other video calling applications, while the newly added feature takes it one step further. Now users can enjoy video conversations with their loved ones, even in low light . 

Create a spam list:

Just as your mailbox is exposed to a lot of unnecessary, advertising and spam emails, the Google Duo application that you registered using your phone number has integrated the block list feature into the application. Extremely simple interface allows one to avoid touching the person on for a long time and you only need to select the option to block.

Security precautions

Taking into account the recent security concerns, Google has security measures such as end-to-end encryption and the WebRTC system. In this way, audio and video are transmitted to the other party using only Google's own servers and users are more secure.

Before the interview, you are informed of who you are:

One of the easiest features of the Google Duo application is to know the caller, but it's a bit more advanced. Google has chosen to call this feature Knock Knock in a way similar to our “tak tak tak” phrase. With this feature, when you receive a video call, the Duo provides a preview image from the user's camera, so you don't have to deal with anonymous or unfamiliar calls.

Can send video messages

You may not have time for a video call, or you may not want to make a video call for just a short message. This is where Google Duo's ability to send video messages comes into play. If you want, you can make drawings while sending video messages, customize the videos you send with text and emojis.

Download Google Duo for Android and iOS: 



The application stores have many alternatives when it comes to video calling. But if you're looking for a free and simple application of Facetime quality, you can try Google Duo.

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