How will the GTA Series Critical Man leave the Rockstar affect GTA 6?

Famous producer Dan Houser, one of the five founders of Rockstar Games with his brother Sam Houser, and the author of the legendary video game series Grand Theft Auto (GTA), announced that he left the company last February. It is discussed what will be the fate of GTA 6 after this separation that creates a shock effect.

Dan Houser , one of the most important figures in the game world , has the most important share in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) to reach today's point. In addition to being at the head of the GTA series for 20 years, the British game producer and writer, who has his signature under successful productions such as Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, Bully and Midnight Club, decided to leave Rockstar Games, which he co-founded last month.

The underlying reason for separation is unclear, but according to some sources, Houser's failure to return from the holiday when he should return and leave the company unaware caused unrest on the management floor. The successful producer, who has already been in disagreement with the management recently, seems to have decided to sever the ropes completely with the company after this process.

So what about the huge legacy Houser left behind? More precisely, what kind of path will the GTA series, which he has directed for 20 years, go? GTA fans have been waiting for the GTA 6 to hit the market for a very long time . It has been seven years since the last game in the series, GTA 5, took its place on the shelves. Many players think that Houser's departure from Rockstar Games should not be an excuse for the company to delay / cancel GTA 6.

We do not know at which stage the game is now or what effect Houser's separation had on the production process, but undoubtedly, the successful name's ties with Rockstar Games caused a big question mark for the fate of GTA 6 .

For GTA 6, there are years of release dates in many different media, but no date prediction has been successful so far. Earlier this year, an Austria-based gaming site, GT-6 's in 2020, claimed it launched. Fans may not want to face this possibility, but Houser's departure may delay the launch date of GTA 6 - which we think was planned. Let's see what developments will be pregnant for GTA 6 in the coming days. We'll wait and see.


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