Huawei Announces Its New Television With Openable Front Camera 'Vision X65

Huawei announced its new smart television at an event in China. This television named as "Vision X65"; It is 65 inches in size, offers 4K resolution and has a camera that can be opened. Huawei's smart television is available for pre-order as of now.

Chinese technology giant Huawei , recently came up with a new model of smart TV, this is the 65-inch television, movable structure will have a camera had been told . Now, this smart TV, which has been waiting for a while, has officially appeared. The company presented its new smart television model named Vision X65 to consumers with the statements it made .

Huawei's Vision X65 smart television, as claimed, is 65 inches in size and offers 4K resolution. The TV, which has a 1 ms delay time, has HDR support and can work at

120 Hz . In addition, Huawei's new smart television appears to be able to impress consumers with 1,000 nits of brightness.

Huawei's new smart TV Vision X65

The most striking point of Huawei's 65-inch TV is undoubtedly its openable camera. Offering 24 MP resolution, this camera can remain on or off according to consumers' preferences. In addition to making video calls using this camera, consumers can also control some features of the television with this hand gesture through this camera .

Huawei Vision X65 works with HarmonyOS operating system. Powered by a quad core processor named Honghu 989, the television offers enough performance for consumers with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space. In addition, Huawei's 65-inch TV has 6 full 10-watt frequencies, 6 high-wattage 3 watts and 2 low-frequency speakers of 18 watts.

Huawei Vision X65 price

According to the statements made by Huawei, the price of this smart television, which has 14 speakers in total, is set at $ 3,530 At present, even if there are going to be television out of China within the scope of pre-orders in China, and also go to the moment when this will happen is not known .

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