Huawei Baron 5000 5G Chip Revealed in a Car (ARCFOX α-T)

Huawei, which has managed to be one of the biggest in the smartphone world, seems to show itself in the automotive field as well. BAIC Group's SUV, called ARCFOX α-T, used Huawei's Baron 5000 chip.

BAIC New Energy has announced that it has officially opened the first mass production vehicle, the SUV ARCFOX α-T, to pre-order. The pre-order price of this fully electric vehicle was announced as 280 thousand yuan. The company describes the

SUV ARCFOX α-T as a '5G powered smart electric car'.

The vehicle has a range of 653 km and also has an α-Pilot intelligent driving system. Also included in the vehicle is Huawei 's new generation 5G chip MH5000 T-BOX . Baron 5000 is the latest 5G product from Huawei HiSilicon, and the chip supports NSA and SA networks.

Huawei Baron 5000:

Looking at the speed characteristics, the Baron 5000 was the first chip in the industry to reach the top spot at 5G download speed. The chip can reach up to 4.6 Gbps under the 6 GHz frequency band and can also be used in the millimeter wave frequency band up to 6.5 Gbps. The Baron 5000 is able to meet the 5G communication needs of cars and in addition, it can provide assistance for vehicle data communication, vehicle / road control and future autonomous driving.

ARCFOX α-T is located at the L2 level in advanced driving assistance; In other words, it can perform automatic tracking and lane tracking functions. The company says the L3 level will open faster and easier in the future, thanks to the vehicle's 5G core capabilities.

"Our new smart electric vehicle brand, ARCFOX, basically uses Huawei's control system , " said BAIC Group executive Xu Heyi . "I believe that China will be Bosch soon, with the succession of automotive products, including Huawei's vehicle-level chips," he said .

The ARICFOX α-T, the vehicle of BAIC Group using Huawei's 5G chip, will be produced in the BAIC Blue Valley Magna Intelligent Production Area and will be available before August this year .


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