Huawei Joins Linux Patent Consortium Open Invention Network

Chinese technology giant Huawei has joined the Open Invention Network (OIN), the world's largest Linux patent consortium. Deprived of the Google license as a reflection of US sanctions, the company began to lean its back on open-source software like never before.

Chinese technology giant Huawei , a long-time member of many open source -oriented groups , including the Linux Foundation, the OpenStack Foundation, and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, joined the world's largest Linux patent consortium, the Open Invention Network (OIN). .

He's CEO is located in The Register, a statement on the subject, Keith Bergelt, "I think it was Huawei with our first meeting nine years ago. At that time, Huawei open source did not care too much, but is very stable and the Linux Foundation's board of directors on open source coding in the last period "It has become very active as a member. Huawei has also become an important model among equipment suppliers . "

Speaking about the legal problems Huawei has with the US, Bergelt said, “I have no idea and knowledge, whether he is right or not. All I know is their deep relationship with the open source community. I make my observations only on this basis .

Bergelt said that Huawei's self-protection by adopting open-source software, said that the open source area in China gained great momentum and that more companies expected to join their communities. "ZTE, we want to welcome Mobile to China Telecom and Chen. Although we are currently more than 3,200 members, still some important companies are missing," said He, CEO of Bergelt, except for Chinese companies Amazon and Samsung 's also He said it was an important goal.

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