Huawei Mate Xs Sold Out Seconds After Sale

Mate Xs, Huawei's second phone with foldable screen, was launched for Chinese consumers recently. The sales started over the internet resulted in the phone running out within seconds. Huawei announced that the second-party sales will be on March 8.

Chinese tech enthusiasts are very keen on Huawei's foldable smartphones, the Mate X and the recently  announced Mate Xs .

Huawei Mate Xs launched its pre-order system on February 26, even though it launched its Chinese launch months ago  . The launch of the device online has been found today.

Chinese tech enthusiasts quickly consumed all of Mate Xs's pre-ordered units. A similar incident happened today, and consumers finished the Mate Xs in seconds , available on different websites in China . Chinese consumers who want to own this phone must wait March 8 for new sales.

Huawei Mate Xs is a slightly more advanced model of Huawei Mate X. The phone, which supports NSA / SA 5G, has a more robust hinge structure compared to its predecessor . It is also powered by Huawei's most powerful processor ever called Kirin 990. Huawei offers consumers more features in Mate Xs model, which also improves screen quality .

Huawei's new foldable screen phone was offered for sale in the Chinese market for $ 2,499 and in the European market for 2,499 euro . For the moment without phone sales in Turkey, sales in some European countries such as Spain and Germany. The company says that the sales coverage of this phone will expand further in the future .

Huawei's problems with the U.S. government is an issue that all tech enthusiasts are aware of. The company is launching their new phones without Google Services due to these events . Because of all this, Mate Xs does not include Google Services .

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