Huawei P40 will be the first phone with 3 front camera lenses

In the new flagship series P40, which Huawei will introduce at the online event in Paris on March 26, a model will have 3 front camera lenses. We do not know which model will have three lenses, but if this claim is true, Huawei will be the first in the world.

Chinese technology giant Huawei will introduce its new flagship, which we have been waiting for a long time but can only get a little clear detail about if something goes wrong in the coming weeks. The company will make it possible to watch online without participating in the event to be held in Paris on March 26 .

New details about the phone continue to emerge days before Huawei introduces the new flagship series P40 . A poster that appeared this time and shared on the internet shows that we can see a world first in the front cameras of the Huawei P40 .

Three lens details on the poster of the Huawei P40:

Many smartphones nowadays come with a perforated camera design, either in the top right or in the top right corner. In the last poster that shows the Huawei P40 and shared on the internet, three lenses are seen in the upper right part of the device, where the cameras with holes are located .

If Huawei puts such a system from its P40 series on only one phone, it will be the first company in the world to put 3 front camera lenses on its smartphone for the first time. Of course, if the series is expected to be from Huawei P40 , Huawei P40 Pro and Huawei P40 Premium Edition devices, we can say that such a system will not be seen on every phone.

We've learned a lot about the Huawei P40 so far, but none have been confirmed. But Huawei CEO Richard Yu said that the P40 series will come with a brand new design , improved camera, processor and battery time. Everything we heard so far was in line with Richard's explanations.

All devices of the Huawei P40 series are expected to have up to 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage, along with the Kirin 990 processor . We can already predict that some models in the series will also have 5G support . It is not clear at this time what Huawei is going to do with the camera this time.

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