Huawei Placed 5G Antennas on Everest Hill

China Mobile and Huawei took an important step in the field of communication and placed antennas that will provide 5G coverage to Everest, the highest mountain in the world. The antennas were placed at an altitude of 5,300 and 5,800 meters of the mountain.

Under the agreement signed between Huawei and Chinese operators, a giant step was taken to place 5G antennas in the Himalaya Mountains. Representing operators with the Chinese tech giant, China Mobile engineers placed 5G antennas on two separate levels of Everest, the world's highest mountain on April 19. Placing 5G antennas on Everest Hill is thought to be a historic moment in the field of communication.

The biggest challenge was to transfer the 8- ton material to the mountain while taking the antennas placed on the 5.300 meter and 5.800 meter altitude to the mountain . While a total of five 5G NSA and SA antennas are installed, the speed can go up to 1 Gbps at different points in the region. The second phase of the engineers' struggle will begin on April 25. The new target is to place a new antenna at 6,500 meters .

150 people worked:

A total of 150 people worked to transport 8 tons of material to the mountain . This process was very difficult due to difficult geographical conditions. Besides, it was not necessary to harm nature, but Huawei is known for its ability to place data stations in harsh conditions.

Everest, which has a height of 8,848 meters from the sea surface , has 4G coverage since 2013 . Thus, climbers can transmit HD video images to their bases. Engineers thought it would be dangerous to place 5G antennas on Everest. Among the questions asked by engineers, " How can we ensure a stable 5G network?", "How can we ensure the supply of electricity to 5G stations in harsh weather conditions?", "How can we ensure that the cables do not break at -20 degrees?" There were questions such as.

It is stated that with the placement of 5G antennas in Everest, China has shown to the world that it is the leader in 5G technology and capacity . It is also noted that antennas are a turning point in China's 5G service. One of the most important topics of trade wars between the USA and the People's Republic of China was Huawei's pioneering position in 5G technology .

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