Huawei Prepares to Add Two New Models to the P30 Series (Yes, P30)

Some product information on Huawei's website for Germany increased the excitement of consumers. According to the information on the site, Huawei will soon introduce two new phone models called P30 Lite New Edition and P30 Pro New Edition.

Huawei recently redesigned some smartphone models and offered them for sale. With this method, Huawei was able to offer more up-to-date smartphones to consumers and had no problem using Google Services as it offered an older model for sale. Because the ban of the US administration only covered the products introduced after the ban. Huawei, who wants to take advantage of this situation once again , seems to be launching two new versions of the 2019 model flagship P30 soon.

According to information in the German press, two new phones are listed on Huawei 's official website for Germany . One of these phones is called P30 Lite New Edition and the other is called P30 Pro New Edition . Huawei will bypass the US ban while offering

a more up-to-date smartphone experience with these two models.

Huawei P30 Lite New Edition and P30 Pro New Edition may be announced soon

Huawei's new smartphone has been spotted in the company's sites in Germany, though Huawei, any statement about the new phone did not . This causes the information on the Huawei P30 Lite New Edition and P30 Pro New Edition to be very limited. It is not known at the moment when Huawei will make a statement about new phones .

According to the details in the German press, Huawei's new smartphones will be launched within the scope of " Vodafone Germany " cooperation. This reveals that Huawei's new phones may not be released outside Germany . However, just as it is about the features of the phones, there is no detail in this regard.


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