Huawei's Official Twitter Account Hacked

The official account in Brazil, one of the areas in which Huawei, the world's second largest smartphone seller, operates, has been hacked. Hackers who seized the account, rivals Apple did not stop infecting.

Huawei, one of the leading brands in the smart phone market, expands its area of ​​domination by opening its products to different geographies. One of the markets that Huawei started to weigh in is the Latin American country of Brazil .

The Chinese technology giant is expanding its operations there with new smartphones and new products introduced into the Brazilian market. The company recently announced the launch of its wireless headset FreeBuds Lite on the Brazilian market. However, there were incidents that the company did not want.

Huawei's Twitter account hacked

The company drew attention with some insulting tweets on Black Friday night. Huawei Mobile Brasil's official Twitter account has been hacked . An official Huawei account seized an insult to rivals Apple.

It was about Black Friday on a Tweet from the person who took the account. Hacker seized the account, poor users can not buy the company's equipment, and all this for the glory of communism, he said.

Hacker, one of Huawei's biggest rival Apple , so to say, did not pass empty. Hacker who tagged Apple in a Tweet, after swearing, "we are the best," he said.

The company took control of the account again soon, apologized to its users and said that they would do their best to punish hackers. The company also announced that they launched an investigation after the incident.

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