Huawei to Enter Video Card Market Soon According to a Claim

Chinese technology giant Huawei has many different products and the company operates in different markets. According to the allegations, Huawei is preparing to add a new one to the areas it will operate and to produce graphics cards.

AMD and NVIDIA come to mind first when it comes to companies in the graphics card market. There is quite a rivalry between these two companies, but this competition will get even hotter with Intel joining this year. The thing that will increase the market competition will be the introduction of Chinese technology giant Huawei to this market.

South Korean news publisher The Elec. According to the allegation made by Huawei, Huawei plans to enter the cloud and artificial intelligence field this year . According to the news on the site, Huawei also wants to make a small entry into the GPU market dominated by NVIDIA.

Huawei enters the GPU market:

The company's entry into the GPU market will not be of great importance to consumers, as the plans of the Chinese technology giant will not directly affect the GPU consumer market . Huawei, which will try its products before it comes to the consumers, can also operate in the GPU consumer market in the long term if it gets success here . Of course, it must be said that Huawei may have difficulty in entering such markets. The Chinese tech giant had several problems with the US government last year. As a result, US companies were prohibited from doing business with Huawei .

Considering all this, things get even more complicated, but if Huawei decides to enter the GPU consumer market, it will face a series of problems in the western market, especially in the US. Of course, it is necessary to wait here to see how competitive Huawei will produce.

In fact, Huawei introduced the Ascend 910 AI chip last year and managed to garner acclaim. Huawei; produces phones, tablets and laptops; so it's not surprising that he tried to produce his own GPU.

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