Huawei Used DSLR Images in the Promotion of the Mobile Photo Contest

Chinese technology giant Huawei apologized after it was revealed that it was using images taken with DSLR cameras in the video it has recently prepared to promote its mobile photography competition.

Being the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, Huawei is on the agenda with a very interesting event. The Chinese tech giant recently announced a photo contest where users can only participate in photos taken with Huawei smartphones. Although everything seems to be normal until now, it has been revealed that Huawei uses images taken with DSLR cameras in the promotional video he prepared for the competition .

The Chinese company, which warns people who want to participate in the competition named Huawei Next-Image Awards 2020, “Remember, the photo you took must be taken with a Huawei smartphone” seems to have forgotten the first rule.

Screenshot of the promotional video that Huawei uses photos taken with DSLR

This scandal, under which Huawei has signed, was discovered by Huapeng Zhao , the second at the 2018 iPhone Photo Awards . Zhao says the photos in the Huawei video are familiar and she decided to check it out. Determining that the photos were actually taken by a $ 3,000 Nikon D850 , not by a smartphone, Zhao notes that the work in question belongs to a Chinese photographer named Su Tie .

Huawei issued a statement of apology on the Chinese micro-blogging platform Weibo after the incident occurred, said the photos were "accidentally" chosen by the editors. Updating the promotional video he prepared for the Huawei Next-Image Awards 2020 the company stated that their main purpose was to include the impressive photos in people's gallery.

Photographer Su Tie's photo taken with a Nikon D850 DSLR camera

In the past, Huawei has been accused of using photos taken on a DSLR camera in commercials made to praise the camera features of their smartphones. In 2016, the company admitted that it used a photo taken on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR camera to promote the P9 .

Two years later, a Reddit user discovered that a selfie shown in the Huawei Nova 3 ad was taken by a DSLR camera. Finally, last year GSMArena found that Huawei's P30 flagship used DSLR photos on its posters. In a statement on the subject, the company said that the images in the promotional posters were set up to give the camera features of the phone an "artistic look".

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