Hyundai Santa Fe New 2020

Recently, Hyundai shared the first images of the new Santa Fe. We can say that the exterior design is interesting from this advertisement image, which is partially shaded and we cannot see the full version of the vehicle.

Santa Fe, which has been produced by Hyundai for many years and is very popular, is being renewed. The luxury class vehicle will have many advanced features. It is within the shared information that it will have an electric motor. Using the word 'charismatic' in its exterior design, the company added that it provides comfort to the user in interior design.

In the shared advertising image, we see that the Integrated Architecture technology developed by the company is used. From the front grille and daytime running light, these new technologies offer users a very nice experience.

New Santa Fe images shared for the first time

Thanks to the large grille at the front, the new Santa Fe is much bolder and "charismatic" as the company says. Suppose that the patterns added to the grille give a stereoscopic appearance to the front of the car. The new T-shaped daytime running lights complete the vehicle's front view and show that the vehicle is approaching when viewed from the rearview mirror on the road.

Hyundai will introduce two different electric vehicle platforms: hybrid and plug-in hybrid (PHV). The new platform it will offer will adopt the transmission of electrical energy. Performance, ease of use, and security are the issues.

In addition, the new Santa Fe will be Hyundai's first third-generation vehicle platform launched in Europe. Let's add that the vehicle, which will have all the features mentioned above, takes a look at other competitors in the market with its advanced interior and exterior design.


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