İndia Corona Virus

Corona virus, which has taken over the world, is among the most visible countries

of India.

Critics' view of the world is that the Indian Corona virus will be the battlefield and infect about 800 million people. The reason for this idea is that there is not enough Hospital and there is no facility to produce hygiene products adequately.

India was one of the countries that took the most measure after the Corona virus spread to Wuhan, China, and spread all over the world. Although the number of cases of corono virus in India is 724 and the number of deaths is 17, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared a 21-day curfew across the country.

Experts warn that India, whose health system is quite problematic, is not enough hospital, access to clean water is difficult and hygiene rules are not paid much attention and it can be a big battlefield in combating corona virus.

World Health Organization Executive Director Michael J. Ryan emphasizes that large populations like India should take drastic measures to combat the corona virus. "Serious measures should be taken at the public health and community level to control, suppress, and save this disease," said Ryan. Said.

420 people per square kilometer in many big cities where the population is crowded in India. Scientists say that "social distance" is one of the most important methods to combat Covid-19. It is stated that if the virus occurs in large cities, people will have great difficulty maintaining social distance.

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Compared to countries with lower population density, India, such as the USA, Italy, Spain, and China, which do not have an advanced health system, will be much more difficult to combat the corona virus and thousands of people are at risk.

Currently, the number of cases in India is low and 17 people have died. He advised the World Health Organization and the World Bank. Ramanan Laxminarayan warns that 60 percent of the population or 800 million people may become infected in India if strict security measures are not taken.

21-Day Curfew in INDIA

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on 24 March that citizens across the country were prohibited from leaving their homes for 21 days to prevent the spread of the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak.

Prime Minister Modi said in a statement on the Covid-19 outbreak that citizens are prohibited from leaving their homes for 3 weeks to protect India and Indians.

Underlining the only option to maintain social distance and stop the virus, Modi asked the public to stay away from each other.


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